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CHOCOLATE French Bulldogs – Tres Chic!

a rare 'dark' chocolate French Bull Dog

In our never ending quest to bring our discerning clients nothing but the creme de la creme of French Bulldogs, we are excited to announce that we now are offering for sale the ultimate in French Bulldog luxury -

Chocolate French Bulldogs!

Yes, what was once a rare luxury is now available to anyone with a decent sized credit limit and a never ending desire to be the absolute coolest kid on the block.

We’ve search out the finest Belgian Chocolate French Bulldogs in the world, and are offering to the most discerning of French Bulldog aficionados the opportunity to say to the world “My dog has (literally) much better taste than yours”.¬†All of our Chocolate French Bulldogs are certified organic – we certify that each of our Chocolate French Bulldogs comes with a FULL SET of internal organs, or your money back (well, some of your money back. Eventually).

We are offering two varieties of Chocolate Frenchies.

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