Plaid French Bulldogs Are Armed & FABULOUS

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Super Plans in the Works at Plaid French Bulldogs Laboratory

It’s been a long time between posts here at Casa De Plaidie, but trust me – we’ve had our reasons. Envy and hatred of our super awesome, ultra special Plaid French Bulldogs has had those so called “GOOD” French Bulldog breeders blabbing their mouths about how our French Bulldogs are defective, deformed and sometimes even airbrushed. Whatever.

Obviously, they are just jelly that our Plaid French Bulldogs are known to be the world’s most expensive French Bulldogs, ranking right up there with the rare one eyed Merle French Bulldogs (now dual registrable as the “Itsy Bitsy Cyclops Bull Terrier”, by reputable Pet Registries world wide).

Anyways, all of this hate mail has made us feel the need to bump up security, so we put our trusty Casa De Plaidie minions to work in our top secret laboratory inventing the next hot thing – Introducing the Fr-Uzi. Finally, a dog breed that TRULY offers effective home security.

We’ve spliced genuine GMO Moth DNA with that of a French Bulldog, and added a little extra fire power by duct taping Uzis onto their adorably fuzzy little feet. The Fr-Uzi offers death from above, in a package whose belly you’ll want to give skritchy witchy belly scratches to.

Of course, all Fr-Uzis come in our exclusive Plaid Pattern, because otherwise it would just be a boring brindle Fr-Uzi, and that would suck majorly.

Ask us about bulk purchasing discounts, for countries who thought they couldn’t afford their own airborne strike force!

Introducing the Fr-Uzi

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