Plaid French Bulldogs – Why settle for anything less?

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Exclusivity is everything when it comes to pet ownership. After all, isn’t that why you decided you wanted a French Bulldog in the first place?

With this in mind, why on earth would you ever settle for a boring old brindle French Bulldog? Even Blues aren’t that special anymore – everyone and their brother has a Blue French Bulldog. Big deal. Don’t you deserve something better – something more unique?

You bet you do, and we’ve got it. Plaid French Bulldogs.

As well, since it is a simple fact of life that things which cost more are inherently better, you can rest assured that our Plaid pups come with the absolute highest price for a French Bulldog that you will ever see. In fact, we guarantee it – if you find a Plaid French Bulldog that costs more than ours do, just let us know, and we’ll charge you the extra difference. That is a lifetime guarantee – testament to our confidence that we have the most over priced, exclusive, super special dogs on the face of the planet.

Our ‘Plaidies’ (as aficionados of this color refer to them) come in some striking color and pattern combinations.

Choose from -

  • Pink Plaid Pied
  • Green FawnTartan
  • Blue Herringbone Brindle
  • Truffle Tartan
  • Strawberry Jam Fawn Plaid
  • Gingham Check Brindle Pied
  • … and more! Every litter is a surprise!

By the way, if you’re of Scottish heritage, feel free to ask us about our certified Clan Authentic Plaidies, just in time for Highland Games seasons. You’ll toss your caber when you see how cute of authentic Clan MacGregor pups are!

Stay tuned for more news about the world’s most super awesomest dogs – Plaid French Bulldogs©!

Brindle? Boring.
Blue? Eww.
Get with it – get Plaid.

Plaid French Bulldogs© – If you don’t have one, you sure do suck!™Fawn Plaid, Blue Brindle Plaid, and Red Gingham Check Plaid

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5 Comments on "Plaid French Bulldogs – Why settle for anything less?"

  1. raincoaster says:

    Nothing in houndstooth?

  2. amandzing says:

    can i have one in the buchanan tartan please?

  3. admin says:

    No, sorry – no Houndstooth yet, but we are working on a rawther swanky new ‘Designer’ French Bulldog, which I think will appeal greatly to the Paris Hilton wannabe set.

    It was pointed out to me that plaid appeals to a rather limited section of society – cranky frugal scots, and Lord and Taylor shopping old money, neither of which are the real demographic we should be aiming for.

    Hence the new ‘designer’ Frogdogs we have in the works.

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